‘THE LIFE CLUES’ is a Christian web site, an academe, that provides expository teachings about three major Christian subjects: 1 Marriage, 2 Home, and 3 Relationship. It is fully dedicated and committed to giving advice, instruction and guidance to: 1 youths—Christian youths in particular—who are just preparing to start a new life as a new couple and, 2 to married couples—most in particular, the Christian married couples—on how to have their home ruled, in Godly manner, under divine wisdom and directive. It sheds light on some issues that seem/appear so controversial among Christians, with support of the Scripture—It’s all about teaching from the heart of God regarding those three vital subjects.

Learn how to rule your home, relationship and marriage under divine influence, guidance, understanding and wisdom.

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Man and woman
Your relationship is your life; handle it with care and wisdom
Is marriage obligatory?
Your marriage is the result of your relationship’s journey; handle it with care, wisdom and understanding
Christian home
Your home is the destination of both your marriage and relationship, a place of rest; handle it with care, knowledge, understanding and divine wisdom