Through, in and from the Scripture, we bring clues to your relationship, marriage and home in the Holy Spirit Of God.

You are welcome to the life clues site’s homepage! We are very happy for your visit to this site. Everything we do here is all about providing clues to problems relating to our home, relationship and marriage—our life generally. We believe that every visitor to this site will really enjoy visiting. But before entering, let’s explain a little bit more what this site is basically about: We deal with some subjects found so vital about our life through the expository teachings nurtured by the Holy Spirit and the word of the living God, out of which we have singled out these three major subjects, on which we majorly based and focused our attention and discussion: 1. Christian home, 2. Christian marriage, 3. Christian relationship, and in addition to other topics in the Bible that we found worth posting and publishing. We treat everything with expository teaching in the best of our knowledge in the Holy Spirit of God to your best satisfaction.        

Therefore, feel free to touch every single page to feed your eyes and mind on the Spiritual truth discovered from the bread of life [The Bible].                        

              Please look at the right side to explore the posts of this site!

Man and woman

Shedding Light On Your Relationship; Your Relationship Is Your Life



Is marriage obligatory?

Shedding Light On Marriage; Your marriage is your life



Christian home

Shedding Light On Your Home; Your Home Is Your Life


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